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KTC Internship and Seminar on Village Development Programme

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KTC in association with Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla organized a seminar on ‘KTC’s Village Development Programme’ on 02 June, 22.

The prime motive of the Seminar was to share KTC’s Eco-Tourism Development model and to introduce a 6 Month Internship programme. The Seminar was made possible due to fruitful efforts of Dr. Dhanashri Patil, (Head of Botany Department, BKC College), Prof. Nandgirikar (BKC College) and Mr. Nilesh Chendwankar (President- Maza Vengurla) along with the rest of the team of KTC: Mr. Yaseer Makandar, Mr. Vishal Khajanekar, Mr. Suryakant Golam, Mr. Pranav Bagayatkar. Pratik Gawade (Founder, KTC) led the Seminar and stressed about the importance of skill development in Konkan. The Seminar also saw a guest talk from Mr. Sandeep Rane on preservation of traditional techniques and anthropology in Konkan.

The paid internship programme proposed in the seminar will last for a duration of 6 months between Aug-Jan. Prior to that, there will be selection rounds. The selected interns will undergo orientation sessions to familiarize with the workflow and  their respective teams. The interns will be felicitated with Skill Certificates mentioning the exact work done during the period. BKC College is also working to get this certificate certified by the Mumbai University.

Every Intern will be trained in Operations and ‘Village Development Programme’. Furthermore, interns will be divided into teams based on their interest and grasping power.

Following are the major teams to be formed:

  • Operations
  • Client Relations
  • Graphics & Content Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing
  • Service Design: This team will comprise some members from all teams.

It is hoped that this programme achieves all its objectives and becomes a stepping stone to a movement in tourism that is conducive to the ecology and economy in Konkan.

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