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KTC Operations Manager

You will be the bridge between me and KTC operations in Konkan. Work will include overseeing and implementing KTC plans and operations in action. Key skills required are planning and organizing ability.
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You will be planning Village expeditions with our team and assisting in live tours. Village expeditions include exploratory trips to find tourism opportunities as well as documenting the food and tourism culture in our Villages.
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पर्यटन सेवा नोंदवा!

कोकणात होमस्टे किंवा कोणत्याही प्रकारची पर्यटन सेवा तुम्ही देत असाल किंवा तुमचा ओळखीचं कुणी देत असेल, तर कृपया आपली सेवा नोंदणी करून घ्या. आम्ही आमच्या टूर्स च्या माध्यमातून आपली सेवा प्रचलित करण्यास मदत करू.

Why work with us?

  • Good future investment: With our foolproof plans, proper research, strong foundation and values- KTC will be able to tap huge market in tourism and allied fields in the years to come.
  • Interest mapping: KTC does not follow a tiled-team system. We map interests and work /(learn and work) according to our interest areas.
  • Work Place: The work area is local and the team does not need to relocate or travel long distances.
  • Work style: The work is novel, flexible and exciting. In the process you will be equipped with new practical skills and opportunities for self growth.
  •  Create an impact: KTC is engaged in transformational work in Konkan’s villages which will create new opportunities and give a sustainable limelight to Konkan.

Maximum Effort!

Cultivate Your Passion While Changing Lives

We're not just building a business. We're building a dream to make Konkan the eco-tourism hub of the world. In the process, we will be creating sustainable tourism hubs in villages across Konkan with a community that prospers on shared development.

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