NYE Hills Party & Beach Retreat Camp

The countdown to 2025 has begun! KTC’s New Year’s Eve [Private] Camp is on a Hillock in Amboli Hills at 2756 Ft! This Camp station is cherry picked for its stunning hill views, stargazing and surreal sunrises. 

The camp combines a party camp with a natural setting. Its ideal for folks who like to have fun but are bored of unwanted crowd and excessive uproar. Night outs are better when we spend them in good company, not as a lost sheep in a crowd. We know how powerful it is to feel close to other people- And so we bring to you this unique concept camp.

Also, BYOB! You don’t have to spend a fortune on drinks.

New Year's Eve

Hills Party & Beach Retreat Camp

Welcome 2023 with a Bang!

The New Sun!

Catch the panoramic sunrise

Magical Vistas

At 2756 Feet!

Sunset at a Hidden Beach

A beach like you’ve never seen anywhere


  • Amboli 2

    Dec 31 | Under the Stars

    Get ready for a fun fun night with games, stargazing, music, singing, BBQ & so much more..

    Private campsite equipped with a two cottages, washrooms, WiFi, Gazebo & a Diner.

    + Report at the Camp by 4.30PM

    + Tea-Coffee session, Briefing & Tent allocation

    + Settle in. Relax into the evening & the chill weather of the hills. Tune into the Music. 

    + The Space Hour at 7PM. We will switch off all artificial lights on the hillock to unveil the magical night sky! A complete mesmerizing blackout.

    + A quick session on mobile astral photography to make your New Year's postcard that much more amazing! Capture unbelievable shots of the night sky in a quick guided session. [Tripod/Octopus stand recommended]
    + Its time for something truly mesmerizing- An ecstatic dance session! No specific steps, eyes closed and abandon yourself to the rhythm and move freely to the rhythm into a trance of ecstacy!

     + Campfire is lit! 

    + Ice-breaker Shots. A surprise mix of Gin & ___? Well, you'll know!

    + Team up to play some social games that we have planned!

    + Join the table to play a game of cards! [No Gambling!]

    + BYOB & Binge on BBQ! BBQ on Self Service. Purchase marinated BBQ chicken pieces from counter.

    + Chicken Dinner

    + Jump into 2023! 

    + Catch meteor shower of the Quadrantids meteors! 

  • IMG20220416141625 e1668892690650

    1 Jan | Chill by the Coast

    Rejuvenate in the light of the new sun. The panoramic sunrises here are a thing of wonder. This day is all about resting and feasting in a village.

    + Late Breakfast & Road trip to the Beachside

    + Arrive at Moksha Homestel- a concept stay with the flexibility of a Hostel & warmth of a Homestay!

    + Feast on Authentic Malvani Fish Lunch in Banana Leaf at traditional Home of the host

    + Rest at the Homestel to relieve your hangovers

    + Oasis Hidden Beach Trail:  Revel in the first sunset of the year at a picturesque hidden beach!

    + Depart with a load of good vibes and memories❤️

– Somewhere in Amboli Ghat, Sindhudurg! Exact location to be revealed on booking. –

Venue Details
Tent Details
  • Charges include 2D1N Campnight: Music-Bonfire-Games
  • Hidden Beach Trail on next day
  • Unlimited Chicken Dinner & One Curated Meal at Coastal Village
  • Unlimited Breakfast
  • Vehicle, Pick-up & Drop [If Chosen]
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Liquor [BYOB]
  • BBQ
  • Items with tag [Add-on]
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1. Please confirm bookings in advance to prevent loss of stays. Especially in rush months between Nov to Mar.
2. Please carry water bottles and avoid buying packaged water if possible.
3. Do not consume intoxicating substances in the Village area and public places.
4. Please let us know if you wish to increase the budget or do cost-cutting. Your budget affects stays and activities involved. KTC convenience charge remains the same irrespective of the budget.

Network may not be available- we recommend a complete detox from gadgets. If network is a must, please let us know.

Please go through the traveler responsibilities mentioned in the ‘Travelers Handbook‘ link.

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What is KTC? How does it work?

At KTC- we design tours, excursions, and camps in Konkan. Our catalog is continually being upgraded to include all range of stays and unique experiences in the region.

Our tours adapt to include the seasonal variety that each season has to offer. We pride upon the authentic Malvani cuisine, local hospitality, the comfort of homestays in our curated unique itineraries. We are a tourism company, but we are also more, as we are working to build a community whose connections exceed far beyond travel.

What is the best way to travel with KTC?

We mostly travel in our free time but with the kind of experiences we offer and to truly experience the beauty of Konkan, we would recommend freeing your time to travel with us. We offer weekend getaways as well as curated long tours.

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Which is the best season to travel in Konkan?

Squeezed in the lap of the Western Ghats and the Arabian sea, every season in Konkan has something unique to offer. Summer is for exploring hidden beaches, water sporting, scuba, scenic mangrove boat safaris, fort trails, wild fruit trails, and more. Winter is for everything summer, plus a major mood for camps and a season of Jatras in Konkan. You get to witness the traditional Dashavtar live theatre in a Jatra. Monsoon is very underrated here. You could witness some of the best treks and waterfall trails in the monsoon. The Malvani cuisine also changes to adapt to seasonal variety and even the beaches hit different every season.

How much time before do we need to confirm the tour?

To make all the arrangements, we recommend a confirmation at least a week before travel.

Note that, in the tourism rush months of November, December, January, March, and April- stays may run out, and hence we need to plan the trip months earlier.

What Clients Say

From Our Google Page

Worth the Hype! Read more at https://g.page/konkantravelclub?share

It was a 4 days tour and we enjoyed it thoroughly..the secret beach, secret island, the homestay, Daji and his family, malvani food everything was fabulous and smoothly planned by KTC . Pratik,Nilesh,Chatur and Yasir were nice friends cum guides. To be honest I am going to bring my mother to enjoy the village life style and malvani food here next time around. Thank you KTC for this memorable trip. Also Pratik guided us in our next trip to Amboli which was very generous of him. 😊😊

Rishikesh Rane Gujarat

Where do I even start about my trip with Konkan travel club...Me and my husband had the most amazing 2 days exploring offbeat Konkan with them. If it would not have been for Konkan travel club we would have never ever experienced the rural, local authentic konkan side. The experience of staying with locals, eating their local delicacies, experiencing unexplored hidden gems of Konkan is what only Konkan travel club can make you experience. Prateik is a perfect host, very curious informative, knowledgeable and helpful. We were confused of how to, where to start he helped us bring clarity shared us a perfect itinerary as per our tastes and preferences and we were sold. We have made some amazing connections with Aji and Ajoba of the house we stayed at. Highly recommend them. If visiting Konkan then, what are you waiting for just go ahead and contact Konkan travel club.

Riddhi Trivedi Mumbai

Where to start from... Amazing people amazing places.. Amazing food... And most importantly the treatment they provide ... I booked an private staycation and trip for me and my friend who came from abroad ( the reason behind telling this detail is I wished for everything authentic malvni and konanki experience) .. KTC said you just sit relax and he will smile... They kept their promise.. We started off with amazing waterfalls temple and authentic food a nice cozy stay to relax.. The next day was even beautiful they planned beach stay like literally you just have to look up and there you go sea beach happy place.. At night we stayed by the beach in tent under the sky near water like a dream fairy tail (ps not exaggerating) and the next day we saw a fort blue lagoon beach and yes last day I wished for a surprise party and tadaa... KTC arranged that as well for us in goa... Again cozy stay music cake foood sea.. Again fairy tail... Thank you so much for this amazing experience and wish to come back soon.. 💝

Devika Saraf Pune

Where do I even begin, I visited a part of Konkan a few years back & I was sure that I will come back again & now when I got a chance to visit it again I had a completely different experience from the last time I was here. Man what a memorable time I spent during my stay here from witnessing a local play (Mahashivratri special from night to dawn) to food trails to hidden gems (beaches, a lesser known sea fort & a natural pool). The best part of the tour was definitely our homestay & the warm hospitality we received was a very humbling experience. The last couple of days have been overwhelming. Thank you so much Konkan travel club for hosting us & making us a part of your rich culture & lifestyle.

Ayushi Yadav Mumbai

Not just a trip but a therapy! Didn't know lockdown would hit again and will be all isolated, but my gut feeling said this trip should be a now or never calling. And yes, random plans work and it worked again this time but with Konkan Travel Club. These guys chalked out our plan in a Span of two days and we booked it with them.. it was just 2 of us and all 3 of them pampered us like anything. With zero network, this break was most awaited. Right from Daji kaka's lip smacking food to Onkar, Richa and pratik's hospitality everything was bang on! Secret locations, endless shopping and the overall vibe made me forget lockdown blues. I'm glad I took this trip.... I don't regret being caged now and once the curfew is off I am again going back here..To come back with more stories...Keep it up guys!!!

Mumpy Das Mumbai

Thank you pratik for organizing everything so perfect. Your each team member wer amazing . I loved everything about you guys from handling us to entertaining us. Thanks amul , mayur , yaseer , viraj for being a good leader ⭐ even i met nilesh sir . He is a gem of a person . I wld sure like to meet u guys again . I wish great succes to KTC .

Soniya Solanki Mumbai