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Come along & Discover your wild side with KTC in our Monsoon Experiences in Konkan.

Pick a tour experience from our selection, or contact us to have a tour tailored to your needs in your budget and at no additional cost. If you want to customize a trip, a multitude of experiences are available to suit your preferences. Waterfall hunting, Backwater fishing, exploring natural Springs, Sacred Groove trails, foraging for wild vegetables, Night Wildlife Safaris, Fort treks, Farm Mud Festival, exploring the Western Ghat marvels and a long list of other activities are among our favorites. If you’re lucky, the monsoon sunsets at the beach can be breathtaking with the sky lighting up in hues of orange, crimson and pink.

Monsoon is a less explored season in Konkan- but it packs its unique punch & a favorite among locals.

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Amboli Ghat, Foothills & Coast
Jul: 25-28; Aug: 15-18, 28-31; Sep: 26-29; Oct: 17-20
Amboli Ghat & Coast
Jul: 18-21; Aug: 01-04; Sep: 14-17; Oct 03-06
Base at Narur - Rangana Fort
Aug:15-17; Sep: 30-01, 15-17, 27-29; Oct: 03-06, 11-13, 25-27

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Hey there! We have some more exciting weekend and extended vacations lined up just for you! With KTC, every trip is unique and we ensure that you get to discover new experiences every time. 

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rangana camp

Rangana Fort Trek & Wilderness Camp 3D2N

Join us for an unmatched camping adventure at Rangana Fort in the Sahyadri Mountains. Explore the fort in a thrilling wilderness camp along with village hospitality & the vibrant tribal culture at Thakar Adivasi Kala Angan at Sindhudurg district in MH, just 25 km north of Goa!

Amboli Monsoon trip Konkan

Wet N' Wild Monsoon Adventure 4D3N

Let's put aside those gadgets and embrace Mother Nature in all her glory! Trust us, you'll forget all your worries and experience the ultimate monsoon at Amboli hillstation and tropical bliss by the coast!

Monsoon trip

Hillstation Weekend Getaway 2D1N

The Hills are everyone's go to destination in the Monsoon. For the people who can only afford to spend a weekend, we've prepared this quick hill station trip with a combination of offbeat and hip spots.

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The Monsoon Expedition: Extended 5D4N

The Monsoon Expedition trip but EXTENDED! More fun, more thunder. An extra day of fun & exploration at an offbeat Farmstay.

Copy of Monsoon Expedition 4

The Monsoon Expedition 4D3N

A complete Monsoon Experience. A 4-day journey through the untamed Western Ghats, the Sahyadri Foothills, and the local way of life by the coast in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra!

Copy of Monsoon

The Monsoon Expedition II

Here's yet another version of the Monsoon Expedition! Just like our beloved Monsoon Expedition we explore the hills, foothills & the coast in a different style.

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~ Founders Note (Click me)

Growing up in Konkan, monsoon brought the joy of witnessing the village's natural beauty spring to life. Splashing into newfound pools, fishing, and playing in the muddy fields up to our knees, added an extra layer of joy for many like me. The scent of freshly prepared fish curry, piping hot rice, and the enticing aroma of Konkani spices wafted through the air, tempting the taste buds after a day full of adventure. Do experience the village warmth in our coastal villages in monsoon!

Featured Experiences

Copy of Monsoon Expedition 5

The Western Ghat mountain range runs parallel to the Konkan coast. It was formed some 150 Million Years ago when the supercontinent ‘Gondwana’ started to split. It is both surprising and somewhat relieving how Western Ghats and the Konkan Coast have not received their fair share of limelight.

Surprising because the western ghats are a true wonder & legacy of nature.

Moderating the tropical climate of the region, the ghats present one of the best examples of the monsoon system on the planet. It also has an exceptionally high level of biological diversity and endemism and is recognized as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity. The forests include some of the best representatives of non-equatorial tropical evergreen forests anywhere and are home to at least 325 globally threatened flora, fauna, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish species. [Source]

And relieving because we do not wish the western ghats to succumb to unregulated and irresponsible ‘development’. We are working to build a tourism culture that is sustainable to the ecology and preserves the indigenous wisdom in our Villages. We believe there is a lot at stake in our Villages that needs to be preserved. Strengthening the local economy through eco-tourism achieves all these goals 🙂