Hidden Gems Exploration Trip

Embark on a thrilling six-day adventure, exploring the western ghat hills, the stunning coastline and diving into the depths of the ocean. 

But our adventure doesn’t’ stop there- We’ll take you off the beaten path to discover hidden treasures along the trip. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of untouched landscapes, where time seems to stand still. Wander through quaint villages, interact with locals, and experience the authentic culture of the coastal region. Marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds you, from rugged cliffs to pristine shorelines.

This six-day journey will take you on a thrilling exploration, offering a perfect blend of adventure and discovery. Get ready to create unforgettable memories as you dive into the depths of the sea and uncover the hidden gems that await you along the captivating coastal landscape.

Things to know:

  • Malvani cuisine is a delightful blend of coastal flavors, infused with aromatic spices from the Konkan region. Renowned for its flavorful seafood & vegetarian dishes, it offers a diverse range of mouthwatering delicacies.
  • Stays in the trip are shared local homestays. 

Experience the




Explorers' Den!

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  • Day 0

    Board an overnight train till Sawantwadi Station/Highway

    We are at 30Kms from MOPA Airport, Goa. 

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    Day 1 | Stay in the Hills

    The best way to start a Konkan trip is in the lap of Sahyadri Hill Range. These ancient Western Ghats have witnessed the continents part ways, giving rise to a biodiversity hotspot like no other. We will be camping here at 2756 Ft!

     + Arrive at Campsite: 2 Cottages will be booked for convenience

     + Breakfast & Tea 

     + Refresh at the Cottages at campsite
     + Trip briefing by KTC co-ordinator

     + Nature Trail in Amboli Hills- Soak into the forests of Amboli for a fun yet informative guided session.

     + Authentic Malvani Cuisine Lunch 
     + Set-up Campsite. Pitch Tents

    + Tea-Coffee session, Briefing & Tent allocation

    + Settle in. Relax into the evening & the chill weather of the hills.

    The Space Hour at 7PM. We will switch off all artificial lights on the hillock to unveil the magical night sky! A complete mesmerizing blackout.

    A quick session on mobile astral photography to make your Amboli postcard that much more amazing! Capture unbelievable shots of the night sky in a quick guided session. [Tripod/Octopus stand recommended]
    + Its time for something truly mesmerizing- An ecstatic dance session! No specific steps, eyes closed and abandon yourself to the rhythm and move freely to the rhythm into a trance of ecstacy!

     + Campfire is lit! 

    + Team up to play some social games that we have planned!

     + Malvani Chicken/Veg Dinner at Campsite

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    Day 2 | Play by the Beach

    Relax at this beachhouse with a lawn- And just steps away from the beach! 5 Rooms + Hall

     + The panoramic sunrise views here are a thing of wonder.
     + Breakfast at Campsite 
     + Roadtrip to the beachhouse

     + Sacred Island Trail: Trail to the Sacred God's island as it is locally known to inhabit a protector deity. Dive into the spiritual village culture stories as we explore this unique spot.

     + Authentic Malvani Cuisine Lunch at the Stay

     + Explore the beachscape by your stay. Take a dip into the arabian sea!

     + Malvani Dinner at Stay

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    Day 3 | Adventure Begins!

     + Begin the day with a hearty tea and breakfast

     + KTC Sea Fishing Trip! Ride with us on an enchanting sea boating Safari with the hope to catch the majestic Dolphins on the way! Try your hand at fishing in the deep sea with the local boys. 

     + Relax at the Stay

     + Malvani Cuisine Lunch at Stay

     + Seaside Fort & Hidden Blue Lagoon Beach Trail: Explore a rustic seaside fort overtaken by fig trees. Amazing nature-architecture symbiosis can be seen on the trail. The fort holds many hidden viewpoints & remains of the past. Finally, we take a dip into the calming blue lagoon beach!

    + Did you know? Sea-water does wonders for your hair and skin; just do not use harsh soap/shampoo after bathing in the sea.

     + Dinner at Stay 
     + Rest and rejuvenate, ready for more adventures tomorrow.

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    Day 4 | Camp Night!

    Escape to a quaint village in the hinterlands of Vengurla to experience nature in its raw form! Sleep to the music of sea waves under the blanket of stars- make memories on a hidden turtle beach in a KTC Camp Night!

     + Tea-Breakfast at the Stay

    + Check-out from beachhouse

     + Drive to a coastal village in the hinterlands

     + Mangrove Biodiversity Walk & Beach Trail: Explore on a journey discovering the unique flora and fauna that thrive in these enchanting environments. Learn about the inter-tidal beach ecosystem.

     + Refresh and Lunch at a handpicked Stay

     + Embark on a scenic drive, venturing off the beaten path to reach a hidden beachside.

     + Relish a chai session while getting introduced to our friendly local host. Their welcoming family resides just steps away from the beach, ensuring convenient access to loo and washroom throughout the camp experience

     + Tent pitching: Set up comfortable tents right on the beach with help from Camp Coordinators

     + Now, its time to try the art of sizzling BBQ

     + Mountainside Beach Hike! A short hike across the mountain takes you to another hidden beachscape!

    + As the sun gracefully sets- lets fire up the Bonfire

     + Soak up the allure of the night fading into games, stories & laughter
    + Malvani Cuisine Dinner at Campsite

  • 9 e1711127698342

    Day 5 | Scuba Diving!

    Devbaug diving site has better marine diversity and depth. You do not need to know swimming; the trained divers will instruct you through the experience.

     + Have Tea-Breakfast and get ready for the day! ☕ We'll leave for Scuba Diving early in the morning around 8.30 AM.

     + Boat Pick-up from Tsunami Island to Devbaugh Beach. Devbaugh Beachland is between Karli river and the ocean.

     + Another 45 Min Boat ride- Pickup from Devbaugh Beach to Deep Dive Point in the sea.
     + Scuba Diving at Fisherman’s Cove at Devbaug! Deep-sea Scuba: Better marine diversity at Devbaugh dive point. Photography-Videography Included.

     + Bath & Refresh at a local house

     + Malvani Lunch at the local house

    + Lakeside Temple Trail: Learn the anatomy, philosophy and social importance of a hindu temple. Know the right way to 'experience' a temple in this trail
     + Journey back to the Stay. Rest at the Stay

  • Copy of Mahashivratri Trip 1

    Day 6 | Explore on!

    A final day of exploration for the love of travel! This day we venture into the culinary heritage of Konkan!

     + Breakfast at Stay

     + Vengurla Heritage Trail & local market: Deep dive into the history, culture & food of Vengurla town. Trail the seasonal market of Vengurla. Buy spices, regional products & more with help of our local experts

     + Authentic Malvani Cuisine Cooking Experience: Partake in a unique culinary adventure, engaging in hands-on prepping, cooking and savoring the flavors of Malvani cuisine at a local home, forging cultural connections and creating lasting memories.

     + Malvani Lunch at Stay

     + Departure: Depart with a treasure trove of memories from this remarkable adventure. 😊 

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  • Camp & Accomodation: 6D5N
  • Local Facilities
  • KTC guiding and expertise fees
  • All meals & snacks
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary
Watersports Package: Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Jet Ski: ₹700PP
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Stays in the Trip


1. Please confirm bookings in advance to prevent loss of stays. Especially in rush months between Nov to Mar.
2. Please carry water bottles and avoid buying packaged water if possible.
3. Do not consume intoxicating substances in the Village area and public places.
4. Please let us know if you wish to increase the budget or do cost-cutting. Your budget affects stays and activities involved. KTC convenience charge remains the same irrespective of the budget.

Network may not be available- we recommend a complete detox from gadgets. If network is a must, please let us know.

Please go through the traveler responsibilities mentioned in the ‘Travelers Handbook‘ link.

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What is KTC? How does it work?

At KTC- we design tours, excursions, and camps in Konkan. Our catalog is continually being upgraded to include all range of stays and unique experiences in the region.

Our tours adapt to include the seasonal variety that each season has to offer. We pride upon the authentic Malvani cuisine, local hospitality, the comfort of homestays in our curated unique itineraries. We are a tourism company, but we are also more, as we are working to build a community whose connections exceed far beyond travel.

What is the best way to travel with KTC?

We mostly travel in our free time but with the kind of experiences we offer and to truly experience the beauty of Konkan, we would recommend freeing your time to travel with us. We offer weekend getaways as well as curated long tours.

Pre-designed tours are released but we primarily engage in private tours for groups. The best way to travel with us is to curate a trip for your group. Currently, all our experiences are available at throwaway prices for a time now.

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Which is the best season to travel in Konkan?

Squeezed in the lap of the Western Ghats and the Arabian sea, every season in Konkan has something unique to offer. Summer is for exploring hidden beaches, water sporting, scuba, scenic mangrove boat safaris, fort trails, wild fruit trails, and more. Winter is for everything summer, plus a major mood for camps and a season of Jatras in Konkan. You get to witness the traditional Dashavtar live theatre in a Jatra. Monsoon is very underrated here. You could witness some of the best treks and waterfall trails in the monsoon. The Malvani cuisine also changes to adapt to seasonal variety and even the beaches hit different every season.

How much time before do we need to confirm the tour?

To make all the arrangements, we recommend a confirmation at least a week before travel.

Note that, in the tourism rush months of November, December, January, March, and April- stays may run out, and hence we need to plan the trip months earlier.

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yogesh nadgauda
yogesh nadgauda
April 2, 2024.
Excellent Service and you will get a unique experience if you explore Kokan through Kokan Travel Club. KTC guides are also knowledgeable and spots which they are showing in their packages are heaven.
Sanika Mannur
Sanika Mannur
April 2, 2024.
A shout out to KTC and all the team members who offered us a very homely stay and delicious authentic Konkani food... Special thanks to Mr.Nilesh Chendwankar and Mr.Pranav Bagayatkar who made us feel so comfortable throughout the trip...Thanks to KTC for such a memorable experience
Sanchal Endupuri
Sanchal Endupuri
January 22, 2024.
KTC is an incredible team. I am still to come across a team like them. The level of energy and goodwill they bring into a tour is phenomenal. Their primary motivation is for people to see, experience and enjoy konkan, not money. That is why it’s a different experience with KTC. I hope they continue doing what they do and organise many more trips. All the best and hope to join you guys again soon.
Payal Gaur
Payal Gaur
January 3, 2024.
Commencing 2024 with beautiful memories and thrilling adventures is truly amazing.. Thanks to KTC for making my new year so special♥️. I had the most delightful experience exploring the hidden gems of Konkan. A huge shout-out to Prateik for his exceptional hosting skills. He is a gem of a person. The KTC team organized everything seamlessly. Enjoyed the local cuisine, beach camping, water sports and a delightful midnight New Year celebration with warm hospitality! 🎉 I highly recommend others to explore Konkan with KTC. Wishing KTC great success ahead!
January 3, 2024.
I'm thankful and grateful that I got an opportunity to work with KTC. And I have started my new year journey with joy because of KTC
nikita chiripal
nikita chiripal
December 10, 2023.
We opted for a customised 3D 2N tour package, in an offbeat location- vengurla. The camping experience was unique and beautiful. The local guides were very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended!
Komal Mangtani
Komal Mangtani
September 28, 2023.
This trip has my heart ❤️ i urge everyone to bet on hospitality and raw local experiences provided by our host “Pratik” he is gem of a person and a man full of wisdom in terms of sharing all the konkan history♥️ once in your life you should experience travelling with KTC ❤️
Samihan Kakade
Samihan Kakade
April 25, 2023.
Spent a 3 day impromptu trip with KTC and it was more than amazing. The entire team was very supportive, kind and friendly. We really appreciated the local perspective we were exposed to which contributed to all the fun and cultural experience. Hope to join KTC soon for another adventure
Srushti Satoskar
Srushti Satoskar
April 25, 2023.
Had one of my memorable trips with KTC. The service and their love for us was something to remember. Thank you for the authentic local meals, stay and mind-blowing locations!