The Farm Life

Us humans hunted and gathered food for roughly 90% of our history. Then, sometime around 12000 years ago, mankind invented agriculture. And that changed humanity forever!
Gradually, Man began to settle. We built houses. We had enough of food that we could preserve. We could barter. Settlements became towns, and towns became cities. When sustenance was achieved, art and culture blossomed. We soon needed armies. Civilizations thrived and perished. Technology evolved. The population exploded. There was an industrial revolution. And the rate of growth of agriculture, technology, industry, trade, science, weapons, and environmental degradation has been accelerating ever since. We now aspire to colonize Mars.
Here we are! What a time to be alive in!
And here I am in a field, with my father, marveling at the farm life and where its brought us.
After Monsoon harvest, 'Wayngani' farming commences in Konkan. A myriad of crops & vegetables including Mirchi, Nachni, Chawli, Wal, Corn, Lal Bhaji is taken around this time.
My father has been a farmer all his life. He’s worked other jobs but he continues to be a farmer all his life. An epitome for the phrase- you can take a man out of the farm, but you cant take the farm out of the man.

I’ve watched and worked with him over the years and learned a great deal from the farm life. And here are a few thoughts on why I think everyone should have the farm experience to some extent in their life. Especially the growing children or a budding CEO.

  • In today’s hyper-fast world of sensory-overload, the farm is a fitting escape I need from time to time. Partly, because it detaches you from everything other than the work at hand. It’s definitely hard work and yet it leaves you much fulfilled at the end of the day. Simple pleasures like taking a hot bath hit different after a day at the farm. You appreciate the food in your plate a little more. And there is the obvious benefit for your body. I would definitely call the farm life a meaningful & mindful exercising.
  • The number one lesson farm life will naturally teach you time and again is commitment. You cannot work a successful crop without discipline & consistent efforts. You learn to give your best no matter how small or big the work is. A long game will test your patience. And well, even if you do everything right, yet sometimes things might still not work in your favor. And what do you do? You start again.
  • People often worry about the ‘big doom’, a collapse of economy & government so bad that its a ‘man to man’ apocalypse. But, to think about it- what would really help one survive the doom is the basic skills of life. Use of tools, growing ones own food, cooking a meal, etc. are the skills that will help one sustain. If a doom was indeed coming what would help is ‘man for man’. The big question is are we & the generation ahead equipped with the basic skills of life?
To sum it up- Here’s a snippet from a well written blog I found online:

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