Thakar Adivasi Kala Angan Museum & Art Gallery Walk

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tales of tribal lifestyle, culture, and art that have traversed the realms of time. The Gangawane family stands as a beacon of dedication, committed to the preservation and celebration of traditional tribal art forms, including Kalsutri Bahulya (Puppetry), Chitrakathi Paintings, Shadow Puppetry, and more.

Within the folds of their stories, the Gangawane family unveils a vibrant tapestry of creativity, skill, and heritage. Kalsutri Bahulya, a form of puppetry, comes to life through their nimble fingers and expert craftsmanship. These intricate puppets, adorned with colorful attire and delicate movements, captivate audiences with their ability to narrate captivating stories passed down through generations. The Gangawane family’s mastery of Kalsutri Bahulya breathes life into characters both mythical and historical, transporting spectators to realms untouched by time.

Chitrakathi Paintings, another treasured art form, grace the Gangawane family’s repertoire. Originating from the Deccan region of India, these vibrant and expressive paintings depict scenes from ancient epics, folklore, and mythology. The artists skillfully blend colors, intricate details, and storytelling elements to create visual narratives that evoke a sense of wonder and fascination.