Stoneforest Trek to Tidepool

A 20 min secret downhill trek through a dense forest takes you to an all natural tidepool by the ocean. The tidepool is situated around huge stone boulders resembling a stone forest. The trek begins on top of a hill with a Birdseye view of the ocean below you. The trek lies in a private property.

The Stoneforest Trek is special because it was me who discovered this pristine location and named it! And also because it leads to an all natural tidepool by the sea! The trek starts in the ringed coastal hill of Vengurla. You get a Birdseye view of the ocean below you from the hilltop. 

The Trek

As you descend down the trek, you hear the roaring ocean getting closer. The swirling forest has an allure of its own. The trek path is through a thick forest cover, not even sunlight gets through. Its a short trek of 20 mins but it could be quite heavy on the knees. But whadd’ya know? Even 65 year young women have done it without breaking a sweat. 

The Tidepool

And then, without skipping to the best part- we have in all its glory a natural tidepool. What beauty of nature! Its surrounded by rock cuts on all four sides giving it the utility of a pool. And there’s a gate like opening that allows the sea waves burst in time and again.

The tidepool also exhibits unique intertidal life in it. We have even captured a man size sea turtle around the tidepool.

Best Time:

Also, there’s a best time of the day to visit this place depending on tide level. Our coordinators will brief you about it whenever you book with us. 

Also, at different times of the day you get to witness the tidepool in a different form.