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Simple Steps & Tips to Pitching Your Tent

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books.” – John Lubbock

A true camper knows how much joy a night in the wilderness can bring. The bonds made over a bonfire and a starlit sky, whether with family, friends, or complete strangers, will be cherished forever. To some of us it is even a place to reset, relax and declutter, and that comfort cannot be found even in the coziest of resorts. However, a well-planned camp can save you a lot of energy and make or break your next camping trip! So here are some simple steps and pointers for a successful tent pitching.

8 Simple Tips to Pitching A Tent With Ease

  1. Tent Recommendation: ‘Amazon Basics’ are the best tents I have come across in Indian Markets based on durability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. However, for high altitude and windy terrains you will need a specialized mountain tent.
  2. Find a tent pitching video for your brand of tent on YouTube.
  3. Always pitch your tent before sundown.
  4. To get rid of dust or dry waste inside a tent after it has been pitched, follow these steps: Hold the tent near the pole intersection and wave it upside down to allow all dust to fall through the tent door. Do this before pitching & un-pitching tents.
  5. If the tent came with a bag, keep it and any extra tent material inside in a corner of the tent to avoid losing it.
  6. Remember, a good bonfire is the heart of the camp.
  7. To avoid getting wet in the morning dew, tuck your shoes under the tent corner from the outside before sleeping. And keep electronics and other sensitive material inside the tent.
  8. THE MOST IMPORTANT! Pack everything else first before un-pitching the tents when clearing a campsite. Allow the tents to soak up the morning sun until the dew on the rain cover has evaporated.
You can see an example of how to clean a tent(as mentioned in point 4) in the first few seconds of the reel below.

6 Campsite Safety Tips

Camping is sacred. You are either with or against the powerful force of nature which is nourishing but can also be punishing. The best campers know to respect the nature and ground below them. Always leave the campsite clean as it was before and take all trash back with you. Additionally, take this precautions while selecting a campsite.

  • Campfire away from vegetation. Dig a pit and circle with rocks/sand. Put out the fire with adequate water before leaving.
  • Do not pitch under dead trees/overhangs/rocks.
  • Don’t block an animals route to water.
  • Pitch Tent beyond high-tide level near sea-shore.
  • In windy areas, pitch the tent near a wind break.
  • Pitch your tent in shade to avoid an early wake-up.

Download KTC Camp Process Infographic