Turtle Nest Village Retreat Homestel

Nestled in the quaint Mochemad Village- Turtle Nest Homestel (Homestay + Hostel) is a perfect retreat if you’re looking to spend time in tranquility and calmness. 

What is most loved about the stay is the warm hospitality by the host family and the authentic Malvani Cuisine food. The stay overlooks the serene Mochemad creek &  is close to many KTC experiences. The stay is themed on ‘living like a local’. The beach is 800m distance from the stay & it is a turtle nesting site.

Turtle Nest Homestel is simply a village stay- Experience the raw authentic village life and food.

Turtle Nest

Village Retreat Homestel

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What People Say

KTC has tied up with the warmest and most welcoming locals who are all wonderful hosts. You unknowingly become a part of the family of the caring and loving homestay owners at an extremely picturesque Mochemad village. They are the most simple, hard working and satisfied family you would have ever seen. Make sure to spend some time with them, learn few Konkani recipes, visit the area around. In general, immerse yourself in the entire experience. We would say that all the KTC members have found the essence of life at a very young age. They are sure to go a very long way and we wish them very good luck. We were a group of 4 families, all very close friends who were with KTC from 25th December to 29th December 2021. Right from day 1, KTC team did more for us than we would have ever imagined. And every time when we were captivated by something, we were told..”He tar kaahich naahi” (meaning this is just the beginning..wait for more). “ HE TAR KAAHICH NAAHI” became the unofficial KTC tagline in our trip.

Prof. Aditi Phadke Pune

It was a 4 days tour and we enjoyed it thoroughly..the secret beach, secret island, the homestay, Daji and his family, malvani food everything was fabulous and smoothly planned by KTC . Pratik,Nilesh,Chatur and Yasir were nice friends cum guides. To be honest I am going to bring my mother to enjoy the village life style and malvani food here next time around. Thank you KTC for this memorable trip.

Rishikesh Rane Gujarat

Man what a memorable time I spent during my stay here from witnessing a local play (Mahashivratri special from night to dawn) to food trails to hidden gems (beaches, a lesser known sea fort & a natural pool). The best part of the tour was definitely our homestay & the warm hospitality we received was a very humbling experience. The last couple of days have been overwhelming. Thank you so much Konkan travel club for hosting us & making us a part of your rich culture & lifestyle.

Aayushi Yadav Mumbai

The experience of staying with locals, eating their local delicacies, experiencing unexplored hidden gems of Konkan is what only Konkan travel club can make you experience. Prateik is a perfect host, very curious informative, knowledgeable and helpful. We were confused of how to, where to start he helped us bring clarity shared us a perfect itinerary as per our tastes and preferences and we were sold. We have made some amazing connections with Aji and Ajoba of the house we stayed at. Highly recommend them. If visiting Konkan then, what are you waiting for just go ahead and contact Konkan travel club.

Riddhi Trivedi Mumbai

Service at Homestel is On-request, not on demand.

More About Turtle Nest Homestel

+ Non-Commercial Setting: The stay offers a peaceful escape from commercial areas with no vendors or tourists. You’ll experience authentic village life and get a glimpse into the locals’ daily routines.

+ Foodie Haven: Our curated menu offers traditional and seasonal delicacies, all homemade with love. You’ll savor unique dishes from the Konkani kitchens, organically reared without pesticides.

+ Twin Setting: The Stay features a house with four private rooms, a hall, and a kitchen. Across the road, the host’s house provides dining facilities. You’ll have privacy in the stay or you may tune into the local life at the host’s ancestral home.

+ Convenient Location: Mochemad is well-connected to a lot of KTC experiences, making travel hassle-free.

+ Serene Environment: Mochemad boasts a tranquil coastline, ringed mountains, and backwaters perfect for a mangrove safari. Our homestay is a ten-minute walk from the beach and river.

–  Basic Amenities: While we offer clean rooms, twin washrooms, and hot water, we do not provide premium or resort-like amenities.

– Homestay Experience: Our homestay aims to integrate you with village life, and our hosts will treat you like guests. Please note that service is on-request and not on-demand.

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