7 Reasons You Should Not Miss the Free Screening of This Short Film

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A 10 minute short film spanning 500 years of heritage is going to be screened at IES College of Engineering, Bandra [W] on 09 August, 2022.

Here are 7 reasons you should not miss this free screening..

🔸You get an immersive experience of the folklore and anthropology surrounding a 15th Century man-made (earthern dam) lake of Dhamapur.

🔸You get to know the techniques associated with building the dam, which in itself is a well-thought eco-conscious construction lasting for generations and has proven to be a lifeline for the surrounding Villages.

🔸You could visualise and understand the ecology and the rich flora-fauna harbouring in and around the lake.

🔸You learn about ‘Sustainable/Green Architecture’ and rich traditional architectural knowledge that has been lost to ‘Modernization’.

🔸Also, listen to storytellers of diverse expertise talk about the possible interpretations of Konkan’s folklore, architecture, ecology and environmental laws.

🔸Finally, you could get a glimpse and a new found perspective at sustainable living through the lens of ‘The University of Life’ at Dhamapur in Kudal, Sindhudurg. People at UOL have been leadind a drive towards sustainable living and creating a green rural economy 🌍🤗

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